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3 online marketing lessons learned from Twitter ads

The way many business owners approach Internet marketing can be hit or miss. With social media sites in particular, online advertising requires significant forethought to ensure your budget isn't going to waste. Twitter is a prime example of a social network that can be of great benefit to capture the attention of prospective clients – if you put in the necessary effort to master many of its tools. The social network recently reported earning revenues of nearly $220 million from advertising in the fourth quarter of 2013, which doubled the figures the company earned during the same time in the previous year (1). As more companies look to this tool, it's important to consider the following fundamentals.

1. Know your target
Through any given channel, you need to know who your audience is. By recognizing the businesses and decision-makers your Twitter ads will ultimately reach, you can create more targeted campaigns. For example, if your goal is to promote one of your webinars or an upcoming event, you can use promoted tweets to inform current customers. However, the real strength of Twitter can be found in the way that you can target the followers of people who already follow you, effectively making the social network a megaphone to advertise your brand's message (2). At the same time, you can appeal to Twitter users by distributing content according to their preferred device, whether it be an Android or iOS phone or tablet, and deliver content more efficiently.

2. Make sure calls to action are integrated
In a move that's likely inspired by Facebook's use of advertising to promote mobile applications, Twitter is in the testing stages of creating mobile app ads that instantly connect individuals who click on them to the corresponding download store. The concept will be available to online advertisers using Twitter through its proprietary "card" technology, which is essentially an expandable tweet. A call to action, such as a "download" button, is front and center bringing interested individuals to the appropriate download location. This feature will likely be attractive to businesses that provide service to other companies, such as the mobile payment provider Square.

3. Keep watch over ad campaigns
Another benefit of using Twitter as an online advertising platform is the level of control that you have over any given campaign. You can pinpoint the very minute when a campaign begins and ends, and also manage your budget through Twitter ads.

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