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Why SEO still matters in 2014

Some marketers think search engine optimization is dead, but this couldn't be further from the truth. SEO will continue to be relevant, but one of the major changes is search engines have gotten more savvy when it comes to detecting marketers who are trying to break the rules, according to Search Engine Watch. Adhering to best practices is the only way to get ahead in SEO. 

Link building vs. content marketing
A few years ago, search marketing strategy mostly revolved around acquiring a high number of links. While referrals still matter, the quality of links to your website is more important than the quantity. Now linking is meant to reflect the strength of the content on the page. Some advertisers have complained about Google's algorithm changes, but others who were already engaged in content marketing efforts saw very few negative changes to their results. 

SEO and content marketing need to be tied to social media initiatives for the best results. You still need links, but they need to be the right type.

Don't forget mobile SEO
The explosion of mobile devices in the past few years has highlighted the need for local search marketing. You should utilize relevant keywords because people often use different search terms from their mobile devices than they would from a desktop. The site needs to load quickly to avoid negative results from Google, and content should be to the point and easy to read. Another consideration for mobile SEO is maintaining the same URL for all sites to avoid redirects. This can impact load time, and viewers may not have much patience for slow speeds.

Lack of marketing strategy can hurt SEO
Whether you're designing a new website or revamping your mobile page to offer a better experience, it's important to not underestimate the amount of planning that goes into this, Forbes stated. You need to strike a balance between design elements and the content on the page. Even though content marketing is essential for high page rankings, it may not be beneficial to center your entire website around the blog. You should consider the organization of your site to determine the right setup. A B2B marketing website should always have a clear message to drive lead engagement. You don't want to overwhelm visitors with videos and graphics. While this can be useful for some functions, make sure your website isn't distracting. 

Sheila Kloefkorn

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