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Why companies should consider Bing for SEO

Bing is gaining popularity as a search engine optimization channel. The search engine is steadily growing in the search realm. Of the 19.3 billion core searches in October 2013, Bing saw 3.5 billion hits, which is up by 4 percent from September 2013, according to comScore, a digital analysis company. Additionally, 27.1 percent of the 19.3 billion searches in October were powered by Bing.This is a 2 percent increase from 2012, Search Engine Watch reported. Bing also reached a new high of 18.1 percent market share in October 2013.

As Bing becomes more prominent in the SEO world, B2B companies may turn to this site to better connect with businesses, raise brand awareness and reach a broader audience. 

Social media channels personalize searches
Bing partnering with social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Companies may flock to Bing's social features because they would not only receive information about a topic, but they can find out what their industry colleagues think and like, Search Engine Watch indicated. This may strengthen businesses' connection to a service, product or opinion, among other online search results.

In fact, when people search on Bing, a Facebook "Thumbs Up" appears to the left of the result. Individuals can then see which friends like it. With this data, people may then reach out to other companies to follow up for specific information. People trust their close connections and they can find out why their co-workers and peers enjoyed the service or product.

Search Engine Watch conducted a survey of 150 individuals regarding Bing's social media. Assuming social results are paired with search results on Bing's layout, 36 percent of respondents strongly prefer Bing for social results and 27 percent somewhat preferred the search engine for its deep connection to social channels. Businesses should take advantage of Bing's social layout to forge and build stronger relationships with companies. 

Bing is expanding in the search engine market
Search Engine Watch reported that Bing's market reach is expansive because it has access to a large percentage of searchers. From Microsoft's reach with desktops to the Xbox console, Bing has an untapped demographic of searchers; however, many don't always turn to Bing for searches. However, as Bing gains social media popularity, the search engine could definitely attract more companies. 

Sheila Kloefkorn

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