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Use rich snippets for SEO

Rich snippets are a smart search engine optimization strategy. Rich snippets provide your pages greater visibility in search engine results pages and can increase click-thrus as a result (1). Snippets can highlight products, events, authors and more. They are created with a little bit of extra HTML code that make it easier for search engines to determine what the content of your page is all about. Essentially, rich snippets give searchers more information, which increases click-thrus from the right people.

The vast majority of websites don't use this feature. In a study of more than 850,000 search queries, Google turned up a rich answer only about 19 percent of the time (2). Some of these rich answers come from Google itself, but most of them (more than 70 percent) come from third-party sources.

Businesses have a great opportunity to gain visibility in search results by incorporating markup that will deliver rich snippets. Rich answers stand out significantly in search results, which dramatically increases the likelihood of gaining a click. Because visitors already know your site has the answers they seek, their dwell time is likely to be higher, which positively impacts your overall SEO.

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2. "Google Provides Rich Answer Results to 19% of Queries Used in Our Test"

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