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Top 3 Reasons Google Suspends Local Listings

Has your business listing in Google been suspended but you are not sure what happened? There are times when a person who has listed their business on Google My Business ha logged into their account and seen a big red “Suspended” banner at the top of the page. There are many reasons an account can be suspended, but some offenses are much more serious than others. Here are three of the top reasons Google will suspend a local listing.

Your website field contains a forwarding URL

Google will suspend your account if the website field contains a URL that forwards to another URL. “Vanity” URLs (such as “”) that forward the visitor to your business URL are prohibited. According to Google’s guidelines, “Do not provide phone numbers or URLs that redirect or ‘refer’ users to landing pages.” This often results in a suspension.

You are adding extra keywords to your business name field

Per the guidelines: “Adding unnecessary information to your name by including marketing taglines, store codes, special characters, hours or closed/open status, phone numbers, website URLs, service/product information, location/address or directions or containment information is not permitted.”

In other words, you added extra words in the business name field when you filled it in. For example, instead of just putting “Google” into the business name field, you put “Google Inc. – Mountain View Corporate Headquarters”. This often results in a suspension because the business listed has a different real name.

You have multiple verified listings for the same business

Google’s guidelines state: “Do not create more than one page for each location of your business, either in a single account or multiple accounts.” You can have multiple locations for your business, but you cannot have multiple listings. When you do, Google will un-verify the legitimate business listing and remove the duplicate.

Keeping your business listed with Google My Business is important because it provides a fresh source of leads and customers. There is a lot to it, though, and Google makes changes regularly that can impact your listing. KEO Marketing has a team of search engine marketing specialists who can help you keep your business listed. To learn more, contact KEO Marketing or call us at 888-702-0679.

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