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Thinking beyond and within the border with SEO localization

Companies with a presence outside the U.S. have to structure their B2B marketing strategies based on the countries they currently operate. That includes implementing a localization process that takes into account discrepancies and quirks that come with translating into a different language. Consider, as an example, "enterprise resource planning." What does that translate to in Spanish or Korean? Knowing these basic translations is necessary because SEO can vary in different languages. More importantly, why the service or product is useful can change in different locales, and this requires a unique keyword approach. A business can't simply translate its American website into a different language and expect the translated keywords to reach the necessary audience.

As international outreach becomes more important for many companies, global searches will be impacted as well. According to a recent survey, 63 percent of businesses said that global search engines will have increased importance to them in the future. The reason for this is having keywords that match a native language and fit within the context of a local business culture. Of course, the latter portion of this strategy can also apply to businesses in different parts of the country that have distinct needs and markets. Localization addresses these issues by tailoring specifically to the locale in question.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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