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Social media marketing tips for Facebook Graph Search

As online networking sites are constantly evolving, businesses are often seeking new ways to utilize social media marketing effectively. Facebook created buzz in the social media world last January after the company implemented their Graph Search. Facebook's Graph Search is the social media site's search engine which indexes and ranks data through a Unicorn framework. Relying heavily on "likes" and similar information to rank search results, Graph Search allow users to conduct a search based on the large data pool the site has in its system – or "graph," according to Search Engine Land.

According to ClickZ, there are several ways social media marketers can improve a B2B's brand ranking via Facebook's Graph Search.

1. Get the right likes
Although all brands want their content to get as many Facebook likes as possible, garnering the right  followers is important to reach one's target audience. As everything is connected through the network, users' likes show up on the news feeds of their connections. Therefore, if a company's core demographic is urban business owners, for example, getting a slew of likes from suburban fans may not help the brand with its marketing efforts.

2. Encourage interaction
Once a business' social media content  is getting likes and other acknowledgement, a smart marketer may want to encourage this to continue by thanking those who interact with the content.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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