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SEO: How to Rank in Position 0

Every business wants to have the first result spot on the Google search engine results page (SERP). You know that you need to rank well to drive traffic to your web page and push potential customers into your sales pipeline.

Instead of trying to get to position number one, which may prove to be futile, you should attempt to show up in position 0, also known as the featured snippets section.

All about featured snippets 

When people ask questions on Google, they will sometimes see a featured snippet, or a few of them, pop up and answer their query. The snippet will feature a part of the answer along with the title of the website, URL, and a link. There may be a picture as well.

These featured snippets show up in just about 9% of search queries, are at the top of the SERP, and rank even above the number one result in a box. Underneath, if there are other similar answers, Google will also display smaller results that say, “People also ask.” These contain even more answers.

The goal should be to land in one of these featured snippets, if not at the top. It is how you will stand out on Google and get more people to go to your website.

How to get into the featured snippets 

According to Search Engine Land, the types of search queries that warrant snippets contain the words financial, time, mathematical, transitional, status, requirements, DIY processes, and health. The least popular queries for snippets are factual, shopping, info/help, local, and images and videos.

You should first check that you are in the featured snippets today, but keep in mind that these are always changing. If your competitors are in them, you can look at their keywords to determine which ones you should use in yours. You can see your featured snippets in SEMrush and look at the featured snippet option under the SERP features.

It is important to do keyword research and analysis, too. Keep in mind that higher-volume search terms and longer queries with six or more words get into the snippets more often. Including question keywords like “why,” “how,” “where,” “does,” and “cause” is also a good idea.

By logging onto Answer the Public, you can see what types of questions people are asking and then build your content around them. Remember, Google is always looking for well written and rich content, as well as clean coding and tagging. Repeat the question in your content, provide a clear and concise answer, and offer data and images to respond the question to the best of your ability.

Getting started with featured snippets 

If you take all the above steps, you will be well on your way to ranking in position 0 on Google and bringing more customers to your website.

Are you interested in getting to position 0 and attracting more potential customers through search engine optimization? Contact KEO Marketing today for a complimentary marketing audit.

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