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Is your search engine optimization vertical?

Search engine optimization is an integral part of any B2B marketing campaigns. It is essentially how a business is found on Google or Bing. By now, marketing departments have developed solid SEO techniques, such as the usage of strong keywords and creating a website tailored for a search engine.

Vertical search, in particular, is quickly gaining popularity. This is not a new idea, but as businesses seek more relevant information, this search method takes on an even greater importance.

What is vertical search?
According to SEO Marketing World, vertical search is a different way to search for topics and content (1). PC Magazine said this area can also be known as a "vearch" engine (2). Typical inquiries are defined as horizontal searches – that is, Google will look through many topics for results, even if the topics do not pertain to the original search. For instance, a Cleveland, Ohio, business may wish to purchase new computers and conduct a search for equipment. Results will show everything from big-box stores selling computers to the latest news about the hardware. Even content that contains the word "computer" has a chance of showing up, even if it has no relation to buying the hardware.

A vertical search is therefore defined as more specific and specialized. However, the original inquiry must contain a very specific set of terms. In this case, the same Cleveland business can create the search: "Computers for sale near Cleveland." Vertical searches disregard all the content that is not relevant.

Importance of vertical
Vertical search is now considered as a must-have for successful SEO methods. In early June 2015, Search Engine Land released an updated "periodic table of SEO success factors" and an important addition was vertical search (3). Interestingly enough, this method has actually been around for some time. Yet, users have not always used it. In the B2B sector, this can help businesses look for industry-specific topics and services.

Tips to improve results
Businesses must strive to improve their standing in the SEO sector. Important steps that should be taken are improving relevant content and working with business customers to develop keywords.

Likewise, companies can analyze vertical search numbers to enable them to make better business decisions. A big topic of discussion centers around Google trying to keep up with specialized search platforms – think Amazon. Businesses are finding information faster through an Amazon search than through Google. Companies can look at these trends, and as a result, strategically place advertisements to entice more B2B interaction.

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving as current standards give way to new ones. While vertical search has been around for a while, it is arguably more important today as businesses prefer specific content and results, not more of it.

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