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2 ways companies use SEO to build domain authority

There's no denying that domain authority impacts search engine optimization. But the various iterations of Google's algorithms that more or less dictate the SEO strategies of businesses in nearly any industry are prone to change, and companies need to adapt their online practices to keep pace. If you haven't kept up with the latest updates to Panda, the most recent occurred on May 20, 2014 and many have seen this as a boost for domain authority. Prior to Google's changes to its algorithm, many websites that were duly seen as authorities in their given sector saw SEO metrics drop, including organic Web traffic (1).

What was the issue? Authoring claims were given to content that was essentially stolen and posted on different websites in an effort to gain authority and greater notoriety online. Since then, the Panda update has helped certain websites improve their domain authority by multiple hundred percentage points because the lengths that Google had gone to in order to reduce spam in previous algorithm changes actually damaged both reputable and seedy sites. Currently, more authoritative sites are ranked higher than those that copy and paste content. With this in mind, here are two ways businesses can optimize their sites using SEO strategies to build their domain authority:

1. View your site through the eyes of customers
Developing an eye for user experience can go a long way with fostering greater site authority (2). For instance, companies should structure their websites incorporating elements that are accessible and clearly visible. In other words, internal site linking should follow coherent logic, using intuitive phrasing or words that connect customers with sections or content quickly and easily. At the same time, building a sitemap that outlines the entirety of a company's Web pages helps develop authority.

2. Get noticed on the Web
This begins with a clear keyword strategy. It's important not to overload your website with the same keywords repeated throughout. Instead, it's best to create slight alterations to your keywords to ensure search engine ranking authorities don't classify your site as spam. Meanwhile, social networks are an excellent avenue to pursue in increasing authority, especially if it's part of your content marketing strategy. In addition to posting valuable blog articles, videos and infographics to your site, it's important to link these pieces to your social media sites to increase your reach. In this way, you have the chance to earn high-impact followers by posting to social sites. This helps develop your authority and potentially leads customers back to your website.

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