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What to look for in a B2B marketing agency

A B2B marketing agency can prove to be a valuable asset for B2B organizations. These types of marketing agencies can provide unique marketing services and opportunities for brands looking to expand their online presence, establish new business connections and help turn leads into conversions. Marketing agencies can offer services such as digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, integrated marketing services and more. However, many B2B marketing agencies exist on the market with similar price points and capabilities, making it hard to determine the best fit. What should you look for in a marketing business partner? Here are five essentials that make the ideal B2B marketing agency stand out:

1. Knowledge
Forbes recommended finding a B2B agency that has full experience working in your industry (1). For example, if your business is based in portfolio management and financial advising, seek an agency that has experience with those markets. An agency with primary experience in your field can offer expertise on certain tactics and calls to action that work to increase sales and conversions. While it can sometimes prove an effective gamble to choose a B2B marketing agency outside your field, it is always recommended to find one with proper industry knowledge.

2. Transparency
According to Marketing Professors, an effective marketing agency should provide a clearly defined list of who will be handling your accounts and what their duties entail (2). Some marketing agencies will not disclose the teams that perform operated tasks. If the agency in question does not provide contact information for who is performing your operations, it may be best to seek another agency. Full transparency also helps when discussing legalities.

3. Chemistry
Company compatibility is more than aligned goals, shared history or similar objectives – it is the way teams interact on a daily basis. According to HubSpot, cultural similarities can help aid processes between your company and an agency (3). For example, your company may value longer projects over rapid-fire deals. If the agency you choose has similar values, it would be a cultural fit for you. It is also imperative to make sure that both teams do not have clashing personalities, as this can lead to complications. Once a valuable relationship has been built, good chemistry can help make business processes even more effective.

4. Case studies
An agency can prove its tactics are effective by providing clients with comprehensive client case studies, according to Inc. (4). Case studies often include direct quotes, stats, facts and extensive research to prove services were successful. Look for companies that can provide such case studies.

5. Longevity
An effective company will contain a list of clients that have been on their roster for longer than a year or two at a time. Client retention is important for a marketing agency because it proves it can help a brand evolve over time. If your brand is interested in a long-term marketing partner, ask the company representative how long their primary clients have stayed for reference.

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