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Bing adds audio and visual elements to its search results pages

The majority of changes made to organic search come at the hands of Google. It seems that a day does not go by without an algorithm change or update to its already successful features. However, Bing has made strides over the past few months in order to make its mark on search engine marketing practices, and most recently the search engine company introduced a new interactive feature to page results called Qwikis.

This small addition comes in the form of a short, captioned video that turns text on associated Wikipedia pages into spoken words. While the videos are basic by design and are read by a robotic female voice, the feature makes it easier for users to gather valuable snippets of information without having to navigate away from the search results page. In the future, Qwiki says they plan to use the same service to recite Tweets and various other information sources.

B2B marketing professionals may want to look at this update as a sign of what is to come. Meanwhile, it may be lucrative to manage the content published on Wikipedia pages closely, so improper content isn't communicated to organic search users. If a prospective lead navigates to a search results page and chooses to engage with the Qwiki content, and the audio describes a product or service he or she may be interested in, the feature could influence the lead to search for more information and make a future purchase.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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