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Top 5 mobile marketing website must-haves

All mobile marketing websites need elements that will pull consumers in and turn leads into conversions. Without an optimized mobile page, a brand will only be able to convert leads on desktop websites, translating to plenty of missed opportunities. Many elements must be included in the creation of strong mobile Web pages. These elements include responsive Web design, consistent mobile advertising across platforms, clear images, strong calls-to-action and simple online forms. By using these five elements, a B2B company can turn its mobile Web page into an important platform for digital marketing, new revenue and leads.

1. Responsive Web design
A responsive design is simple and easy to read. It makes the flow of information from one area to another and a consumer’s purchase process easier. Incorporate responsive Web design by making layouts more rudimentary. Getting rid of top bar navigation is just one step a brand can take. For sizing reference, Marketo recommended limiting the page’s layout to 320px by 600px (1).

2. Consistent advertising
A company can choose to advertise itself on a mobile page with in-page advertisements such as Web banners. It can also market itself by prioritizing itself on Google through effective SEO tactics. Make sure that all advertising is consistent across these platforms. As well, make advertisements within the mobile page engaging and interesting to view.

3. Clean visuals
According to Y Marketing Matters, all mobile websites should include crisp and clean layout (2). For example, matte colors and fonts often look professional on a mobile website. Be sure to use images that incorporate flat graphics to match the look and feel of your website.

4. Strong calls-to-action
All Web pages need strong CTAs that will lead a viewer to make a purchase decision. Include CTAs that tell the viewer exactly what they need to do and how. Use short phrases such as “Try now” or “Save today.”

5. Simple forms
According to the Bross Group, all mobile landing pages need strong forms in order to reel in leads (3). For example, a mobile landing page can include a short form at the bottom providing access to a company’s email news letter. As an offer to encourage sign-ups, include a quick statement about potential discounts. This will make leads more likely to fill out your forms.

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