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Mobile marketing focus: Localization is a powerful tool

While mobile marketing is on the tips of everyone's tongues as the new year approaches, there's still some confusion as to what it will actually mean when putting strategy into action. One of the main considerations that marketers need to keep in mind is the importance of localized content for mobile-centered campaigns (1). Given the fact that many mobile search queries prioritize local results, it's crucial for businesses to analyze and bear in mind the needs of specific geographic locations when they develop a mobile marketing strategy, especially if a business expects to move into emerging markets.

One top of mind concern is language. The extent to which businesses can successfully leverage localization through mobile devices for marketing purposes is significantly influenced by language choice (2). English-only marketing collateral put in front of audiences that speak different languages doesn't perform as well as ads that were localized for a specific geographic region. In fact, mobile ads that were targeted for specific audiences generated a 3.34 percent click-thru rate, which is 22 percent more than English-only marketing messages. Even within the U.S., there are specific regions where Spanish is the predominant language, and companies looking to reach multilingual buyers through mobile marketing would likely benefit from localizing their campaigns.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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