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Mobile content marketing is essential

Many marketers may be considering content marketing efforts and mobile search engine optimization separately, but these two objectives need to work together in 2014. While some companies may have delayed implementing a mobile marketing strategy, it is no longer optional. In fact, Marketing Land said mobile visitors now account for 20 percent of all Internet traffic. Mobile content is not consumed in the same way as a desktop user would interact with a website. Marketers need to consider how they are presenting mobile content to ensure they are providing a top-quality experience to users. 

Mobile devices have been one of the most disruptive forces in technology in recent years. According to EContent magazine, nearly half of American adults now own a smartphone. With the high degree of market saturation and convenience of tablets and smartphones, mobility will play a more significant role in B2B marketing. Many computer manufacturers are producing small devices that are somewhere between a traditional laptop and a tablet, which may further blur the lines in how people interact with online content. Because mobile growth accelerated so quickly, many marketers were not prepared for the large amount of content they needed to produce for their mobile sites. 

Reassess mobile content marketing for improved user experience
In the past, it was often more effective to run separate mobile and desktop websites, Marketing Land stated. Mobile sites are typically a little simpler but utilize the same color scheme to provide a similar experience. However, Google will penalize sites that do not load quickly enough from mobile devices. Even if the mobile site is optimized to load quickly, redirecting from the desktop site can take several seconds. 

A dedicated mobile site can simplify navigation and provide visitors with only the necessary information. If the page contains less content, it can have a faster loading time. However, these Web pages are independent from the desktop site, so they need to be regularly updated with content. In addition, if a mobile visitor wants to access something else, such as the blog, it can be difficult. As the mobile trend continues, marketers are going to need to ensure they are providing a consistent user experience. SEO results can suffer if they don't. 

Video is becoming a more popular form of content marketing, and companies need to ensure they offer mobile video. Online videos make up 50 percent of mobile traffic, Marketing Land said. 

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