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How to keep up with the changing B2B marketing industry

With the rise of social media and other popular tech tools, companies now have more options than ever to appeal to potential clients. The world of B2B marketing technology is ever expanding and businesses can struggle to keep up. According to recent studies, companies aren't completely optimistic about their digital adaptability and some don't have a strong plan in place.

Challenge of new strategies
A new report  published by Adobe found 48 percent of polled marketers had trouble keeping up with the current industry (1). The majority attributed the bulk of the change to new technology.

Most of those surveyed said they felt personally responsible for keeping up with modern trends and adapting their strategies. Over half suggested their company did not have the resources or training to match the needs of the current industry.

Some companies are not ready
While there are some challenges, the majority – 85 percent – said they believed the changes in the B2B marketing industry have been for the better. The use of technology, such as data-informed marketing approaches and mobile strategies, can yield better results than older techniques.

However, some companies see the value of new B2B marketing technologies but don't feel ready to tackle them. Another study, conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, found 50 percent of businesses implement a content strategy that isn't officially stated anywhere (2). These companies begin approaching new technologies because they feel like they should but have no hard plan to achieve or measure results. Of the companies studied, only 34 percent said the strategy was effective.

How to implement technology
To keep up with developments in the B2B marketing industry, companies need to go forward with plans and solutions for their new digital tools. Clickz offered some suggestions on how to implement a new strategy like social media content generation (3).

The plan and expected results need to be directly stated. If the new strategy is not accomplishing the goals it was set out to do, it must be reworked. A company should perform quarterly tool check-ups to make sure the system isn't outdated. Weekly meetings can be scheduled to discuss progress and to present results to higher-ups. Companies are advised to reach out to social media marketers to generate the visible results they need. By working with partners equipped to handle the changing landscape, a company can benefit from evolving technology and modern tools.

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