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Designing mobile advertising for B2B marketers

Mobile advertising is quickly become a primary concern for B2B Marketers. Technology advances have caused smartphones and tablets to become common tools of business.

Advertising Age cited Financial Times and Constant Contact data that found 49 percent of global business executives believe tablets are replacing laptops. The report also revealed that 66 percent of small-business owners are utilizing mobile devices daily (1). Business professionals also use smartphones for work activities outside of the office and continue browsing B2B materials on nights and weekends.

As more possible clients turn to mobile devices as their primary business tool, B2B marketing professionals are updating their strategies to include materials for phones and tablets. Here are some B2B mobile marketing best practices to keep in mind:

Email with mobile in mind
The convenience of a mobile device allows business professionals to open their messages as soon as their phone gives them an alert. More emails are read on mobile phones than they are on laptops or other stationary devices these days.

When designing email for mobile viewers, a B2B marketer must be aware of what tools he or she is using. ClickZ described how marketing automation tools let content creators design email with responsive design templates (2). If materials are not created with tools that adjust for smaller screens, formatting may be hard to follow or text may be too small to read.

Mobile advertising content should always be concise and responsive. Marketers have to be sure their materials are readable and displayed in a manner that lends itself to easy browsing on phones and tablets.

Produce videos for small screens
B2B marketing should utilize diverse materials. To reach every possible audience, marketers create white papers, graphs and social media pages. When designing a mobile campaign, videos should always be included in the content.

Videos are a great tool for demonstrating services and products in action. Digital Doughnut reported most business professionals watch digital videos related to their industry, and they often do so while outside of the office (3). Mobile videos must be prepared with smaller displays in mind. Text and graphics displayed in a video format can't be resized by users like other digital text.

Focus on social media
Social media is a business trend growing right along with mobile usage. Social sites can host a variety of media in a platform designed for mobile browsing. Industry website Sales and Marketing Management advised companies to use banner ads on sites like Facebook to target smartphone users (4).

Social sites are often designed with mobile usage in mind and offer tools specifically for marketers. LinkedIn provides B2B marketers with tools to increase visibility among industry professionals like Pulse and Sponsored Stories. A digital marketing agency should be well-versed in the many features of multiple social channels and can advise B2B companies how to utilize every available mobile platform. 

Show up in mobile searches
People turn to smartphone to find things in their area. A B2B marketing team wants to ensure their product and service is one of the first options to pop up in a mobile search.

Mobile strategies should keep location in mind. Many mobile searches are geographically specific. Longtail keywords have to include the business's home city or address and marketers can use geo-targeted ads.

Have a mobile strategy
According to a recent eMarketer study; only 21 percent of B2B content marketers have an exclusive mobile marketing strategy (5). While companies have begun to acknowledge the importance of mobile devices in the modern business world, not enough choose to give them the proper time and focus.

When designing mobile marketing content, a company has to formalize a plan for campaigns specifically designed for smartphone and tablet users. The material should be easy to read and responsive on any device, and it should be integrated with all other promotional materials and strategies.

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