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A new live streaming app is shaking up online marketing

A new app provides a unique content marketing opportunity. If you've been surfing around the Internet, you've likely seen a lot of discussion of Meerkat, and a cute, yellow cartoon image of an animal poking its head up. What is Meerkcat, and why is everyone so excited about it?

What is exactly is Meerkcat?
Meerkat is an app that allows users to live stream video to Twitter. When you hit "stream" on the app, it automatically posts to Twitter with a link to follow the stream (1). Followers can subscribe to specific streams. After the live stream is over, you can save it to your device. The app provides a great deal of opportunity for marketers. Excited users are starting to experiment with it, live streaming anything from a trip to the store to a webinar. It has already reached 100,000 users, and some big brands are already publishing on the platform, like Red Bull and MasterCard.

What is the benefit for marketers?
Video and types of visual content are huge right now. Meerkat is an additional way to engage audiences and tap into the power of video as a means of communicating a message. It's already connected to your Twitter base, so you don't really have to build an entirely new following. Finally, it's based in real-time, much like Twitter is, itself. It's a new way to communicate up to the minute information – visually. Instead of live tweeting your next event or panel discussion, you could just live stream it instead.

Ideas for using it
There are numerous ways marketers could take advantage of this app, and plenty of ways to be innovative. Here are a few ideas for harnessing Meerkat for marketing:

  • Product demos
    You could use Meerkat to do regular product demos (2). Keep it at a regularly scheduled time and promote it ahead of time, or just hold a live stream when you launch a new feature. This could be a great way to generate awareness about your products and lead prospects down the sales funnel.
  • Webinars and talks 
    Get more views for your webinar by posting the live stream to Twitter. You could hook extra viewers who might just be scrolling by and happen to be interested in what's going on. Providing an extra channel for viewers is always a good thing. It provides an additional way to for viewers to engage.
  • Follow clients
    If you're hoping to land a specific account, Meerkat could give you incredible insight into the environment at their workplace. You could learn about new products and initiatives, as well as other ideas that could empower an eventual sales pitch.
  • Events
    Meerkat is an opportunity to take your tradeshow or conference digital. Set up a live stream at your trade show booth and interview people who stop by. Talk to thought leaders about trending topics at the conference and ask their perspectives. Design your booth around the concept of a live stream.
  • Go behind the scenes
    Provide some insight into your corporate culture by taking a walk around with your Meerkat live stream. Are you planning a new campaign or launching a new product? Live stream your team as they're hard at work doing what they do best.
  • Make content just for Meerkat
    Rather than simply using it to broadcast your activities to a wider audience, you could create content that's Meerkat-specific. Host a question and answer session with an executive, or have a weekly or daily broadcast customers can tune in to, like a "thought of the day."

It remains to be seen whether Meerkat will be the phenomenon many marketers seem to believe it will be, but it doesn't hurt to play around with the platform.

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