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Creating a human connection using digital B2B marketing

B2B marketing aims to create a relationship between two companies. Unlike B2C techniques where the goal may be to make a sale and then move on, B2B organizations are reliant on establishing a working relationship with their clients.

The content generated by B2B marketing campaigns needs to facilitate relationships the second a potential customer comes into contact with it.

Establishing humanity in a digital age
A modern B2B marketing strategy should utilize a variety of tech tools and digital platforms, but just because the platforms are digital doesn't mean they should lack a human element.

Businesses use automated messaging, social media campaigns and data collection software to learn about and contact their potential leads and partners. These tools are a necessity, but they should not be the whole strategy. Direct Marketing encouraged companies to use the convenience and speed provided by modern communication systems to encourage a human connection (1).

An automated email strategy shouldn't be a rote message delivered at random intervals. Data collected by marketing software informs businesses of customer behavior so messaging can be sent during peak response times and contain educational materials that speak to a particular audience.

Expressing a company's human story
Whatever product a company is offering to customers is a good or service created by people.

B2B digital marketing content needs to find the human story behind each company. Business2Community suggested GE's strategy of putting real employees in front of a camera to deliver the business's core values is a very effective way of turning a corporation into a partner in the minds of customers (2). Every company has real people, goals and values that can be shared.

Social media is a great way to humanize a business. Social pages allow companies to share educational materials in a variety of mediums. Videos are an excellent resource for direct communication, and clever Twitter messages and personalized Facebook pages can be introductions promoting further communications. Employees should participate in content marketing for all these platforms.

Treating customers like individuals
Companies that address the individuality of each of their clients become aware of numerous wants and needs.

Addressing each singular desire is difficult, but patterns and trends emerge to guide marketing and lead nurturing. MarketingProfs recommended segmenting the audience's mindset. Is this material designed to appeal to a client's core business beliefs, fears of disappointment or emotional need for security and self-esteem (3)?

Acknowledging the human minds guiding business decisions allows B2B marketers to generate content that resonates with an audience.

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