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Which social media platforms are ideal for B2B marketing?

B2B marketing campaigns must create content for social media platforms. The more materials available online, the more likely a potential client can find content that personally appeals to them.

Marketers, however, work with finite time and resources. A content marketing strategy has to focus on specific social media channels. Which platforms will offer optimum content performance and ROI?

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing
A B2B marketer has to be on LinkedIn. Finance Magnates shared the results of a Social Media Examiner report that found 94 percent of companies offering B2B products or services are on LinkedIn (1). It is one of the only social media platforms specifically designed for professional connections.

LinkedIn doesn't offer the commercial distractions of other social media channels. A company can use the site to post job openings, advertise products and write industry blog posts. It allows a company to become a member of a professional network. Ads created on LinkedIn target audiences based on browsing history. It is a great site for B2B lead generation.

Facebook and Twitter for lead nurturing
Informal platforms are more popular with B2C marketers, but B2B companies can reap benefits from Facebook and Twitter pages. These platforms are great communication tools.

Twitter is fast and interconnected. Users utilizing hashtags can easily link to other sources. The amount of material created on the platform is a great way to gain insight on current news in a particular industry, Marketing Profs reported (2).

Informal conversations make companies appear more human and promote partnerships. Facebook is a preferred method for customer service in the modern market. Leads may contact social pages for further inquiries or to request additional materials. After initial contact is made, Facebook provides a casual way to check in on B2B lead nurturing.

YouTube and Pinterest for B2B content marketing
Most digital marketing agencies advise B2B companies to offer a diversity of promotional materials. Information that describes the company, products and services should be presented in a variety of ways so it will catch the attention of different audiences. An integrated marketing strategy should use multiple platforms to encourage inbound marketing paths. Content marketing also need diverse campaigns to facilitate search engine optimization.

Written text is great for product descriptions, but there should also be a place for images and videos. Search Engine Land recommended using Pinterest and YouTube to create unique materials that receive instant feedback (3). A B2B marketing video posted on YouTube may receive comments or other viewer statistics that provides the company with audience details and preferences.

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