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Timing and strategy are critical for B2B lead generation

Business-to-business lead generation can pose many obstacles, especially when you're trying to reach company decision-makers. Particularly for those hoping to connect with information technology higher-ups, marketers need to be persistent and patient. On average, lead generation professionals should expect to send or make more than 220 emails or calls to pin down a qualified meeting to speak with an IT executive about a prospective partnership (1).

However, these individuals appear to be more receptive during certain times of the year. Marketers and sales representatives needed to reach out a fewer number of times during the spring – March and April, to be specific. Also, B2B professionals tend to have better luck earlier in the week, with Monday being the most successful day for contacting IT executives.

Aside from fluctuating lead generation success, the reason marketers may have trouble connecting with IT professionals is because of the expectations in their tech-driven industry. In many cases, earning high-quality prospects stems from thought leadership. In fact, the IT solutions firm Logicalis was able to drive $8 million in revenue from new B2B customers (2). The company's increased cash flow resulted from a content marketing campaign that hinged upon an engaging and informative eBook shared through email and peer-to-peer networking.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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