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There's a lot of waste in content marketing

Everyone has heard the horror stories of cumbersome business practices. Money is wasted and objectives are not accomplished in a timely manner. These setbacks have even hit B2B marketers and content marketing campaigns.

Gleanster Research teamed up with Kapost to survey 3,408 marketers (1). The report found midsize to large B2B organizations wasted up to $958 million each year because of ineffective or inefficient content marketing. Marketers were the least efficient in the following three areas: 92 percent are inefficient at meeting task deadlines, 90 percent cite redundant content and 81 percent cited poor coordination efforts for content creation.

Content marketing in manufacturing
According to Manufacturing Global, many companies do not believe content marketing has a place in their everyday B2B happenings (2). Some existing mindsets may contribute to a reluctance to create content on a consistent basis. Even if a manufacturer did embrace content marketing, statistics from Gleanster's report show there are likely high levels of inefficiency.

Original content is especially important for manufacturers for a few reasons. One, there are many players in the sector and each is vying for business. Second, original content may be enough to secure an order or two that turns a respectable month into a record-setting one.

Management may also shrug at embracing content marketing because they may not know what type of content should be created, or what it should be about. A helpful area to start is the Content Marketing Institute's report looking at industry trends. The report is titled B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America (3).

Research found that B2B campaigns within the industry have shifted away from a sales-only mindset. In fact, 48 percent of respondents use sales as a goal with regards to creating content. Instead, brand awareness is far more important. The report also said companies have difficulty tracking a return on investment of content marketing.

Potential solutions
Companies, including those in the manufacturing industry, may find that the key to reducing wasteful spending is to properly study other industry trends. If blog posts are not providing enough traffic, manufacturers may want to turn toward utilizing different tactics, such as producing more videos or adding illustrations and photographs to articles.

It will also be beneficial to analyze the entire process of content creation. Sometimes too much oversight, or too little supervision, may hamper an organization's ability to strengthen its brand awareness. This includes listening to employees for ideas, especially if content planning has run out of ideas.

Content marketing is a difficult task for any organization to truly master. It sounds easy enough, but as recent statistics unveiled, there is a lot of wasteful spending

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