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The changing face of holiday marketing

The Internet has changed marketing in a number of ways – and holiday campaigns have certainly not gone untouched. As B2B marketing agencies work toward creating festive promotions that capture both the spirit of the holidays and their audience's attention, they can turn to these three techniques that have changed the way promoters navigate the season:

1. Optimizing for user experience
B2B marketing in 2015 revolves less around a company and more around its clients. For this reason, many marketers are utilizing apps, responsive web design and other mobile marketing strategies to create a seamless user experience (1).

2. Retargeting
Contrary to popular belief, retargeting isn't just for ecommerce sites. Marketers can also utilize this strategy by offering free trials or upgrades to their service. Though the sales process can take longer for B2B companies than it typically would for a B2C entity, repeat exposure can increase lead generation – which could pull in more sales down the road.

3. Preparing a content marketing strategy
Great content is important any time of the year, but it becomes especially essential during the holidays and the start of the new year – when potential customers are more inclined to spend. By including features that acknowledge a client's goals for the new year, holiday content can act as a form of B2B lead nurturing. Additionally, marketers should bring customization to other areas of their integrated marketing campaigns, such as targeted email marketing and social media posts (2).

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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