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Should your B2B business create an app?

Many B2B companies use landing pages to create strong relationships and develop conversions between customers and the business. These landing pages use customized third-party analytics platforms, content marketing and unique responsive Web design to cater to their customers in a way they best see fit. Because of this, B2Bs must leverage many types of digital marketing to succeed. These marketing efforts could include mobile advertising, email marketing and general lead generation software programs. However, many businesses agree these formats are not enough. As we move into a mobile age, should your B2B business develop an app? According to B2B News Network, more than 200 million smartphone users are expected to use applications by the end of 2016 (1). Because if this, it is critical to pick the right application  that suits your B2B consumer.

Take a look at these pros and cons of creating an app, as well as where to get started and how to develop it:

The positives of mobile apps
B2B mobile applications have many benefits. According to Marketo, developing an app for your organization could mean supporting your business goals and greater digital brand awareness on mobile platforms (2). They also drive deeper engagement with the brand and support ecommerce in multiple ways. Mobile apps can also be updated frequently with deals and offers.

The negatives of mobile apps
Although many digital apps are useful, they also have their downsides. For example, apps are difficult to develop and costly. According to Bluecloud Solutions, B2B business applications require a large amount of upkeep for the cost (3) They also require development teams and can prove costly if a business's users don't adopt them.

How should I begin to make an app?
The first step in creating an app for your business is asking if an application is necessary. Engage with a development team to work on the application. If making the application in-house is not feasible, B2B News Network suggested working with an outside company to develop your applications (4). By doing this, you can reduce costs and maintain a high-quality product. 

Creating a B2B mobile app can generate new streams of revenue for a business and brand awareness.

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