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SEO considerations for B2B marketing

With the significant changes to Google's algorithm recently, search engine optimization is very different from just a few months ago. B2B companies need to consider their SEO strategies and re-evaluate how their websites function. Although B2B marketers may think other priorities are more important, lead generation efforts may fall flat without a high-quality website user experience. 

In the past, many B2B firms used their websites exclusively as a tool for gaining qualified leads, according to ClickZ. However, search engines are placing more emphasis on the user experience visitors receive. The company website can longer focus solely on the benefits to the sales team. B2B marketing needs to offer leads a good experience to keep them on the site. 

In addition to being user friendly, website content needs to be optimized for social sharing. If readers find value in blog posts and articles, they are more likely to pass it along to colleagues in the industry. A higher number of shares sends another positive signal to search engines. Marketers should ensure content is easily sharable by adding buttons for social media or add a subscription feature to the blog. It's important to assess whether content is providing value to readers and make adjustments if necessary.

Play by Google's rules or risk poor SEO results
Mobility and locality matter a great more for SEO, Search Engine Watch stated. B2B marketers have been reluctant to adopt mobile SEO, but buyer behavior is starting to more similarly represent that of B2C shoppers. Because of the length of the buying cycle, many B2B leads may access a vendor's website from their mobile devices, and they will expect the same user experience that they could get from a desktop. 

Not only will companies not see high results from failing to provide high-quality content and mobility, but Google will penalize websites that don't follow the rules. The search engine is cracking down on duplicate content and will drop sites in the rankings. Because B2B is highly competitive, firms can't afford this risk because it can impact new business development efforts, ClickZ said. Marketers should check Google's Webmaster tool to get rid of duplicate content.

In addition, slow load times can severely hurt results. Visitors have less patience than ever before, and if a website doesn't display all its content as soon as the page is accessed, they will likely leave. Not only is this bad for website analytics, but Google will penalize insufficient loading speeds.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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