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How to make B2B content marketing more effective

Content marketing is one of the top strategies for B2B firms. High-quality content can be a great source of lead generation, but there are some obstacles to getting the most from this tactic. In particular, B2B marketing teams may struggle to create content that is truly engaging for their target audiences. 

Warning signs of ineffective content
There is a multitude of effective online content, but there are also a lot of ways to get it wrong. Although B2B product offerings are often highly complex, loading content with jargon isn't the way to engage potential customers (1). Prospects want relatable content in plain terms. In addition, many firms try to disguise sales pitches as relevant industry content, which prospects can usually detect. While there is a time and a place for branded content, it should be avoided during the earlier stages of the sales cycle.

Content marketing efforts – especially blog posts – should be centered around the topics that interest your audience. Buyers often want to see articles that address their pain points. If your blog doesn't generate any comments or shares, it could be a sign that visitors don't find the material engaging.

How to make content more interactive
Truly engaging content takes time and effort to produce, which can be frustrating for marketers who need to focus on other priorities. One way to ensure your efforts are on track with customers' interests and concerns is to assess the results of sales surveys (2). This can reveal a great deal of information about clients' pain points, allowing your marketing team to refine the topics they cover to be more on point. 

When planning blog posts, there are a few main elements that can spark more engagement: a compelling headline, the problem in the business lives of readers and a solution to this issue. Ultimately, successful B2B content marketing tells a story. 

While it's important to consistently create new content, marketers can repurpose content. Sales collateral, presentations, emails and product pages can all be used as sources of inspiration. Additionally, in-depth pieces like white papers, webinars and e-books can be used to form infographics, blog posts and short videos. A diverse content marketing strategy can be more engaging for your target audience and prevent potential prospects from getting bored. 

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