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How do podcasts fit into a B2B content marketing strategy?

B2B content marketing campaigns can't afford to ignore potential lead generators. Marketers must follow their customers and use mediums they frequent. Recently, industry experts have recognized the appeal podcasts hold for modern audiences.

In 2014, Edison research reported podcasts had 39 million monthly listeners (1). That number grew to 46 million in 2015. The popularity of podcast increases consistently, and as audio technology improves they are poised to become more ubiquitous.

B2B marketing professionals use audio content with growing frequency. The materials played for a listening audience have a variety of advantages over other channels, and businesses have to explore the benefits to see if podcasts are right for them.

Content marketing for niche audiences
Podcast are fairly easy to produce, this simplicity creates a diverse market with multiple options for audiences. The Pew Research center found the creation and awareness of podcasts had more than doubled between the years of 2006 and 2014 (2).

Audiences looking for a podcast to listen to are aware of the diversity of entertainment available to them. This leads people to search for very unique topics. B2B marketing teams can produce content that speaks directly to certain industries. Topics can focus on specific company pain points and solutions.

Once companies create audio material, the marketing team should track the content to see how it affects B2B lead generation. The NPR Social Media Desk suggested linking podcasts to other online pages that allow for user response and sharing (3). Companies must provide potential clients with every chance to deliver feedback directly to marketing teams. Social media contacts may also suggest what they want to hear from future shows and inform B2B lead nurturing practices.

Allows audiences to multitask
One advantage a podcast has over other marketing content is that it is one of the few forms of educational material consumed while multitasking. People listen to podcasts while they are driving to the office, out for a jog or working on other projects.

Modern audio technology allows consumers to download or stream podcasts on their personal devices. Podcasts are an excellent tactic in a mobile marketing campaign. The convenience of modern business tools prompts potential buyers to browse materials after traditional work hours. Podcasts can be an entertaining way to use time usually devoted to busy work or mundane home tasks.

Podcasts should be a part of an integrated marketing strategy. A company must create material for every potential audience. Podcasts deliver human voices for audiences that don't have time to watch videos and engaging information to people bored by traditional options. The platform hosting the podcast should contain links for other content or online advertising materials targeted at the listeners.

Entertaining B2B marketing creates emotional investment 
Some people believe podcasts have a reputation for droning on or poor production. The B2B News Network suggested, however, the recent of success of popular audio shows like Serial have demonstrated podcasts' potential to mass audiences (4).

A company can create a podcast by sticking a couple of people in a room with a microphone, but this approach won't show business investment in content. Creating a audio show with music, tight editing and focused information offers audiences with an engaging look into a company's culture. Real human voices can communicate a company's narrative in an effective manner.

Podcasts can be a couple minutes long and offer a single solution for common industry problems. They can be in-depth interviews with business experts. It is a content strategy that is as flexible as a company needs it to be. B2B marketing teams should create audio materials based around audience preferences and how the podcast must fit into an inbound marketing journey.

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