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How B2B marketing professionals can improve email subject lines

An effective B2B marketing strategy is the use of email. It is a common and widely-used channel for marketers. Every hour, about 122,453,020 emails are sent, and 68 percent of marketers said email marketing lies at the heart of their businesses (1). 

The first thing recipients see is the email subject line. Marketers only have a couple of words to lure buyers in and entice them to learn more. There are a couple ways to pique recipients' curiosity. 

To engage readers with the subject line, consider using capital letters, writing 50 characters or less and personalizing the email. In fact, users are 22 percent more likely to open the email when the subject line contains their first name (1). Another way to customize the email is incorporating the word "you." It takes on the direct marketing approach, acknowledging the buyer's presence.

Subject lines that stand out among others are direct and matter-of-fact (2). Emphasize the benefits of opening the email or ask a question. Both of those tactics will intrigue the viewer. Also, don't forget the nuts and bolts of a credible email: good grammar and no typos.   

1. 10 Email Best-Practices [Infographic]
2. Crafting an Effective B2B Subject Line

Sheila Kloefkorn

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