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Gmail's new unsend feature helps communications

Content marketers, rejoice. Google recently announced that after six years of beta testing, users will be able to “unsend” emails (1). Employees who may have previously sent an email filled with grammar mistakes, or a message to the wrong person, will undoubtedly appreciate this new feature.

Gmail’s new feature has the potential to alter the way content marketers communicate internally and with clients. Users will have to head to their settings tab first in order to enable the ability to unsend. They can then choose how much time the email should be delayed until the recipient receives it. Users can choose to wait 10 or 20 seconds. In that time, a user may decide to cancel an email.

Unsend history
According to Wired magazine, many Internet users have searched for methods to unsend email. Google actually introduced this feature six years ago in its Labs section. The search giant has not said why it took so long for the application to make its way to everyone, but the decision stands to benefit everyone.

Impact on B2B
Client communications have no doubt been plagued by poor messages. For instance, a marketer may send a pitch to potential client, only to stare in horror as the recipient’s name was spelled wrong, or the wrong name was used entirely. Lead generation suffers because that mistake could make the marketer look bad.

Likewise, a client may hastily send messages that make little sense. Instead of the content or social media team reading the email and moving onto tasks right away, they have to analyze it and attempt to comprehend it. The email may have such poor structure that a chain thread is started as the marketing team asks for further clarification. This email tag process may span for minutes, hours or. sometimes, days. All of this time wasted can now be averted with with the unsend feature.

The ability to unsend an email is also important in the B2B landscape because of the sheer number of emails handled on a daily basis. Everyone strives for perfection, but in the frenzy of a busy day, users may not find minor – or even large – errors. Gmail’s new feature does not mean everybodycan get careless. Instead, lead generation just received a significant boost because errors can no longer push potential clients away. The timeframe allows one last look over, and that final check can mean all the difference in B2B marketing.

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