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Email is an effective B2B marketing strategy

Email marketing advances lead nurturing efforts. It is an affordable way to reach a wide audience. B2B marketers should develop an email marketing strategy because millions of people use this channel. In fact, by 2017, there will be approximately 236.8 million email users in the U.S (1). Given this trend, B2B marketing professionals should take advantage of this prime opportunity to nurture leads. 

Build relationships by adopting an email marketing strategy
B2B marketers need to focus on building relationships and customizing communications (2). This messaging outlet does just that – it helps build buyers’ trust by showing prospects that marketers understand the company’s industry. This requires a sense of empathy, to put oneself in someone else’s shoes. Building relationships involves fully understanding the needs of buyers.

It’s more effective to focus on nurturing leads and building meaningful relationships than prioritizing the volume of leads. Potential buyers should get a marketer’s attention on a regular basis. This shows that B2B marketing professionals are dedicated to prospects’ needs.

Enjoy a healthy ROI with email
Email marketing comes with financial rewards as the communications channel promises a high return on investment. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25 (1).

Part of getting the most out of marketing dollars involves setting a narrow segment (3). In order to nurture and generate leads, it’s helpful to be specific and target particular groups. Consider what about the company will pique buyers’ interest. From there, send leads emails so they can learn more about the business’s offerings. 

One way to receive a high return on marketing investment is to send emails to prospective buyers who expressed interest in the company’s services or products. Marketers can begin to tailor the content to individual leads, which increases the likelihood of prospects becoming customers.

Be ready for mobile integration
Mobile marketing is an important consideration for B2B marketers because 43 percent of emails are opened through a mobile device (1). More importantly, 64 percent of decision-makers access their email using mobile technology. 

It’s important for B2B marketers to know that it’s becoming harder to convert initial email opens to clicks. In fact, mobile devices see less clicks than other devices. However, those who opened emails for a second time at their desktop were 65 percent more likely to click through to the website. 

Given these statistics, B2B marketers need to ensure an email marketing strategy includes optimization for all platforms, such as mobile, desktop and webmail. 

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