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Email 101: How to create amazing B2B campaigns

Email marketing is an essential part of most B2B marketing campaigns. It is a classic way to appeal to consumers without bombarding them with traditional advertising tactics such as print or radio. Email marketing is most effective when partnered with responsive web design, such as landing pages that open to a pop-up asking for newsletter signup. However, many B2B companies do not utilize proper email marketing as they fear it is outdated in their integrated marketing efforts. How can B2B companies create effective campaigns that draw consumers in and keep them interested? These tips will help your company create effective campaigns that will tie in with your digital marketing tactics:

1. Test your subject lines
Testing your email subject headlines for responsiveness is a trustworthy way to turn leads into conversions. Consider using multiple versions of the same headline worded differently. However, avoid using all capitals, strangely spaced letters or punctuation as overt accent marks.  Keep all subject lines to less than 40 characters, so remember your audience will view these short titles on smaller devices. Lastly, include the product and benefit in the subject line.

2. Check in with prospective audiences
According to B2B Marketing, email campaigns should check in with prospective leads to build relationships as time goes on (1). By checking in with prospects here and there, businesses can keep communicative efforts open and gain necessary feedback. One effective way to keep in touch with audiences is to ask them how their business is doing after using a coupon or discount code. This invites the consumer to take part feedback after receiving a service from you.

3. Target leads based on interests
Business 2 Community said email marketers should not throw messages out to large groups of individuals merely hoping their marketing services will work. Instead, B2B companies should focus their email marketing efforts based on an individual's placement and interests in the shopping cycle (2). For example, many online shoppers abandon their shopping carts when having second thoughts about a product or service. Before they exit the page, initiate a pop-up inviting them to come back for additional coupons or benefits. This responsive online advertising can prove helpful when generating sales.

4. Personalized campaigns
Many shoppers love the experience of advertisements or content created just for them. Recently, Facebook created social media content posts personalized with the individual's name. As such, the videos have thousands of shares and impressions. Customer Think recommended applying the same tactics to email marketing campaigns by using data attributes to input customer information such as names, genders and other factors (3). A quick example could include a birthday discount for B2B services. The message could read, "Happy Birthday, Tom! Click for a special birthday gift just for you."

5. Use the right tone
Like any high-quality piece of marketing, campaigns must have the correct tone of voice to entice customers. Some B2B email marketers make the fatal mistake of sounding aggressive in campaigns, according to Martech Advisor (4). Instead of being aggressive, remember you are politely inviting the consumer to join you in your efforts. By creating a tone of voice that is unique and personalized, a brand can easily convince consumers to work with it.

What else can brands do to utilize effective email marketing? Consider hiring a marketing agency to take the work off your shoulders or a marketing specialist to handle processes. By following the steps above, any brand can expand their email marketing efforts.

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