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Developing an effective brand personality

Just like people, businesses have unique personalities. Some may be more formal, straight-laced and professional while others adopt a laid-back and easy-going persona. Many brands claim to have personalities yet lack any true form of recognition outside of a fun logo. To be successful, brands must showcase their unique quirks across all platforms of copy and media. According to the Association for Consumer Research, branding and corporate persona is important to discuss because it can change the personal meaning of a brand to a consumer (1). Here are three inventive ways to give a company a distinct personality and bring in consumers:

1. Make the company a person
One inventive form of branding is personification. Imagine the brand as if it were a human being. Give that person a name, age, job description and personality type. What does this person do for fun? What is their work ethic like? Picking out these unique characteristics is known as creating a brand persona, according to Forbes (2). Try developing this brand personality with company values, ethics and beliefs in mind and rate the character in an internal survey on approachability and believability. Likewise, develop personas for competitors and their digital marketing campaigns.

2. Unique copywriting
A brand must have a recognizable voice to be successful. According to HubSpot, personality of a brand can be expressed through a unique writing style on social media and in web design (3). Consider the persona previously developed for the company. Is this persona funny or silly? It is straightforward and hard working? Consider key words to use when writing promotional materials for email marketing, mobile marketing and online advertising. Lastly, make sure all brand communications sound similar on various platforms. 

3. Make a mission statement
Many brands have core beliefs, but a mission statement or tagline can help tie a brand together, according to Entrepreneur (4). Consider the company's core values and the persona and brand voice developed previously. Does the goal of the company match the personality of the persona? If not, redevelop the idea and return to the marketing teams. By creating a mission statement in line with brand persona and voice, a company can create a cohesive public image.

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