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B2B marketing tips for improved results

B2B marketing teams have a wide variety of tools at their disposal to engage customers. However, your company may need to determine the best strategic mix of different marketing techniques to reach your intended customers. In the past, B2B firms could rely on outbound tactics for lead generation, but this is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Inbound marketing – such as content and email campaigns – is more effective for drawing new prospects in. The following tips can help you refine your marketing efforts for the modern age:

1. Segment your audience and create separate buyer personas
The B2B sales cycle is more involved than it used to be, and a greater number of executives and employees may play a role in making the final decision than in the past. This adds to challenges for marketers because overarching, generic campaigns won't be as effective as content marketing that's tailored for a more specific group, according to Business 2 Community. Identifying the different parts of your target audience and generating content for various decision-makers can help you be more relevant. 

2. Have a conversation
In the days of outbound marketing, the majority of content brands published was very self-promotional. B2B buyers are more wary of this now, which means that marketing efforts need to be more two-sided, iMedia Connection stated. Your content and social media activity should open the door for a conversation. 

3. Boost your blogging efforts
While content marketing is quickly becoming essential for successful B2B companies, blogging is one of the easiest ways you can take advantage of this trend. In addition, it's one of the most beneficial inbound marketing techniques because it supports search engine optimization to result in more website traffic. Business 2 Community cited data from Hubspot that found companies that blog generate more leads and have higher customer acquisition rates compared to firms that don't blog. Buyers are increasingly factoring B2B blogs into their decisions, and this type of content is relatively inexpensive for companies to produce. 

4. Be unique
Many B2B industries are becoming highly saturated, so it's important to differentiate yourself from competitors. Many product offerings are fairly similar, so outlining every feature on your website may not help you stand out. Utilizing customer stories and reviews in your content is a good way to be more personal. In addition, visual content like videos and infographics is growing in popularity. 

Sheila Kloefkorn

With more than 25 years of hands on marketing strategy and operations experience, Sheila Kloefkorn is dedicated to developing marketing strategies and plans that help clients succeed. Some of the world's largest brands have depended on Sheila for marketing programs that delivered tangible and substantial results. Specialties: B2B marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales strategy, marketing strategy, competitive marketing strategy, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), mobile marketing, email marketing, website design, marketing plans.