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B2B marketing is turning to the Internet

B2B marketing is increasingly moving into the digital landscape. However, which methods are worth marketers' time and which should get a pass?

All B2B marketing efforts should have the ultimate goal of increasing lead generation. While a variety of marketing tactics can contribute to this objective, there are right and wrong ways to perform each, according to ClickZ. Here are a few important considerations for marketers when they are planning for 2014:

  • Social media: An integrated approach to your social presence is more effective than maintaining silos between the different networks. Even email marketing can include social calls to action. Focusing on getting more likes is not as meaningful as more accurate measures of engagement like sharing.
  • Content marketing: Establishing the right content strategy can be tricky for many marketers, but it has many benefits for B2B lead generation. Marketers should consider working from a content calendar. Otherwise, content can seem disorganized and thrown together at the last minute. B2B firms should also steer away from sounding too promotional.
  • Search engine optimization: Marketers should treat Google's Hummingbird update as a change to refine content marketing strategies rather than time to boost their paid search efforts. Organic traffic is still more significant. 

How to position for B2B marketing success in 2014
The new year is full of opportunities to improve social media, content marketing and SEO strategies. However, 2014 is likely to be the year when mobile becomes mandatory rather than optional. Smartphone and tablet use has skyrocketed in the past few years, but marketers have not been keeping pace, MarketingProfs stated. Everything from emails, the company website and content needs to be optimized for mobile. Even B2B buyers have been using their mobile devices to check emails and read content on the go. Rather than viewing mobile as a challenge, marketers should see it as an opportunity to form deeper connections with customers.

In addition, a unified approach to marketing will be more significant so businesses can avoid silos. Each digital channel can give marketers access to different customer data, but without connections between all tactics, the information won't mean much to the team, and it can be difficult to refine marketing efforts. Integration between disparate channels of marketing can help companies improve retargeting efforts and increase the level of site personalization. 

Sheila Kloefkorn

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