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B2B buyers seek better search functionality

Understanding how B2B buyers complete transactions is a constant challenge in online marketing. One of the biggest trends in B2B marketing is approaching this strategy from a more human perspective (1). In other words, companies looking to effectively market their products and services to B2B buyers will need to inject a greater appeal to tangible human beings in their promotional efforts. For instance, content marketing should focus on speaking to an individual buyer who may be making decisions on an enterprise level but is ultimately judging a company's offerings with both reason and emotion.

In fact, a growing number of buyers tend to prefer making purchases on what are categorized as B2C websites (2). Nearly half of B2B purchasers said as much, while 52 percent of these individuals indicated they'll likely make at least 50 percent of all their purchases online within the next three years. Accordingly, many organizations are working on improving their ecommerce storefronts to better serve the needs of B2B buyers who are increasingly interested in going through a nearly all-digital sales funnel. One of the chief upgrades that 60 percent of buyers emphasized as important is augmenting search functionality on supplier sites. This shift in priorities will likely push B2B buyers to adopt new measures to allow users to navigate their websites more easily.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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