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7 methods for advancing B2B SEO marketing tactics

Many B2B marketers face new challenges on a daily basis and are constantly in search of advancing their advertising tactics. Remaining on the cutting-edge of an industry requires innovative ideas, swift execution and a willingness to advance practices to a higher level. Here are several ways B2B marketers can revamp their current SEO strategies:

1. Quora

This website offers experts an opportunity to answer questions in their industry (1). With over 9 million users per month, it is an excellent tool for reaching out to potential clients and connecting with a wider audience than before. Though Quora works best for fields without much expertise present online, it is still an effective method for sharing information and earning a great reputation. Search for industry topics and the questions people are asking about them, provide informative answers and generate interest. 


An acronym for Help a Reporter Out, HARO is a site that connects journalists in need of in-depth intelligence on specific topics with experts. Similar to Quora, HARO offers industry professionals an opportunity to answer questions or provide information on a variety of topics (1). A reporter may use the expert's name, organization or direct quote in the article they are writing. This is a great way to get additional exposure. 

3. LinkedIn

Another way to demonstrate extensive knowledge on a subject is joining an online group and engaging members in discussion. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for this form of marketing because it efficiently connects professionals within a mutually engaging industry to each other. The key here is to participate in discussion regularly, so joining too many groups is not a great idea (1). Routinely commenting on links posted or providing insightful information to followers will make anyone a worthy member of an online forum conversation. In addition, remember this is a discussion, not a pitch session. Be mindful of other participants' contributions and avoid directly advertising products. 

4. Hashtags

Conducting a search on the hashtags their customers are using will help keep companies relevant in their sector and make valuable additions to the online conversation (1). Following the discussion around a particular hashtag or connecting with those users on social media is a good start to developing relationships with new customers and reiterating an extensive knowledge base to an existing one. 

5. Surveys

Though it may be somewhat tricky to coordinate and execute, conducting surveys is an incredibly important and valuable way to find out information about a specific industry, not to mention site visitor demographics (2). Survey results are reliable tools when it comes to marketing. Not only will results help generate more traffic to the site of the source, they provide an opportunity for other businesses to reach out and ask to post the study on their own site. Ensure that if it gets reposted, the study is always linked back to the original source. Links are wildly important and relevant to SEO marketing today because they increase search engine rankings and website visibility (3). Google uses links in its algorithm; they help the search engine determine the value and influence of website content. 

Additionally, survey results produce data that companies must use to better understand their client base. Being able to define exactly why buyers visit a site and what they expect when they arrive helps improve SEO marketing methods and retain customers (4). 

6. Research 

Though it can get to be expensive, conducting original research or hiring a research firm establishes a bold, crisp aura of credibility around a business and generates a lot of site traffic (2). Like surveys, original research provides industry professionals with excellent information to use, share, bookmark, link and reference. In addition, if a business is able to update research over time, the audience will expand and credibility will be reinforced. This is also a great opportunity for companies to advocate for themselves without overtly displaying an advertisement. Making it easy for site visitors to view and understand what a business does and which products it offers, while they are reviewing research results, will generate business organically.

7. Press Releases

In lieu of extensive research, press releases can provide businesses with additional site traffic, page views and republishing (2). Featuring uplifting and beneficial news stories about the industry or specific clients will draw page visitors looking for the most relevant information to their fields. Journalists and other professionals in the sector may reference the press release or post it on their own site, again linking back to the business itself. Eventually, if enough press releases have been created and garnered a good response, the formation of an online newsroom is another tactic businesses can employ. With press releases and any news story in which the business was featured all living in one place, site visitors will receive a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise's position in the industry. 

When a B2B firm is ready to increase their SEO marketing efforts, these tools can assist with the process and increase online presence. 

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