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5 tricks for visual content marketing

Content marketing consisting of images and videos facilitates B2B lead generation when the materials grab the viewer at first glance. Most industry experts believe over half the global B2B buying population is comprised of visual learners, according to the Managing Americans information blog (1). Images have a proven track record of engaging a viewer and making an impression on his or her mind.

How can a company create visual content marketing that compliments rather than distracts? Here are 5 tips for utilizing images in a memorable, efficient and productive manner:

1. Put images front and center
A B2B marketing team probably has a wealth of information it would like to communicate. Companies have case studies, statistics and other facts that prove how affordable and effective their products and services are. Hitting an audience with a wall of written data, however, intimidates potential buyers.

A remarkable image can capture attention much more effectively than even the most impressive statistic. Business2Community suggested initiating all online advertising campaigns with a striking visual (2). A company's web design should revolve around engaging visual displays featuring diverse content. Businesses shouldn't forget to be beautiful; emotional appeals are critical tools.

2. Balance consistency and variety
There are many different types of visual marketing content. A company can post pictures on social media, videos on blogs, cartoons in mobile advertising or infographics in email marketing. Multiple options allow audiences to find the material that speaks to them.

All content must come from a central brand message. In their pursuit to create a variety of materials, B2B marketing teams can't publish contradictory content  that creates radical tonal shifts. Companies should use many images that have common elements. Multiple pictures and videos should use the same primary colors or display a logo in a uniform position. A digital marketing agency can help any business plan diverse materials that stem from a central message.

3. Put text on images
Visual materials can be just as informative as case studies or blogs.  Educational Technology Research and Development Journal found images increased data comprehension by 25 percent compared to plain text, the B2B News Network reported (3).

If a B2B marketing team has news to share, it can try introducing it through visual means. Instead of releasing new statistics in a white paper, companies can try publishing an infographic. A quick piece of news can be written across a memorable image. Remember to use a consistent brand-focused font for text attached to pictures and videos.

4. Put images on text
Even if visual content is not the primary focus of educational materials, B2B Marketers should include an image or video with other content. reminded marketing teams images help search engine optimization (4). Online content featuring visual elements receives priority from most search engines.

Attaching images to other materials also promotes inbound marketing. A screenshot from a video may be more appealing to a blog reader than a linked keyword. Sometimes companies want to show audiences they have more information, not tell. 

5. Checkout new types of cameras
Odds are, a B2B marketing employee has a full photo studio in his or her pocket. There is no reason companies can't include some form of visual marketing into their digital advertising techniques. Social media is a great platform for candid photos taken on a phone or tablet.

A company could also investigate new technology. There are online sites that offer free photo and video editing tools or a business can acquire design software. B2B marketing teams can take pictures with mobile devices or encourage customers to send images through social media. A B2B marketing agency can help any organization turn numerous materials into a creative and consistent visual marketing campaign.

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