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4 ways to improve your company’s LinkedIn presence

LinkedIn remains one of the most important tools for B2B marketing to take advantage of finding new clients and making customers. As the only social networking platform dedicated solely to businesses and the largest professional network, LinkedIn provides B2B marketers the most effective method for generating new leads and sales (1).

Here are four ways to improve your company’s presence on LinkedIn:

1. Upgrade your account
Standard users have limited options on LinkedIn. Enhance your company’s site abilities by upgrading to a premium account. By upgrading, you’ll be able to send 10 inMail messages per month so you can target more potential clients and increase your overall reach. In addition, premium accounts let you do lead searches, which can increase the value of the time spent on the site.

You will also be able to view unlimited profiles, as well as see who has viewed your profile, which means you can track interested visitors.

Upgrade to the sales plan to have LinkedIn send you lead recommendations and give you access to decision-makers at top companies. The sales plan also lets you import any Salesforce contacts and grants you the ability to use inMail to message potential new contacts, including contacting up to 25 locked accounts per month outside your network.

2. Update your status
One of LinkedIn’s most effective tools is the status updates. Constantly updating your company’s status with pertinent postings encourages other people and businesses to follow your account. The more popular the postings, the greater your chances of creating more buzz and brand awareness.

3. Increase your reach
LinkedIn has countless groups you can use to connect to others in your industry or sector. You can join these groups or create your own industry-specific one to expand your reach by posting discussions and inviting other users to participate in the thread. By creating industry-relevant content and starting thought-provoking conversations, you increase your company’s visibility.

Creating your own group means you can email every member of the group once a week. This provides a means to remain in constant contact with the group, which can generate significantly more leads. Being a group creator also lets you poll everyone to conduct research and generate content fodder.

If you update to the sales plan, you can see who has visited your page and use inMail to reach out and contact these prospective partners or clients.

4. Use LinkedIn’s Page Insights
Page Insights allow you to check and analyze whether the above methods were effective. This will also give you information about followers of your page, including their demographics, how they came to your page, and how your data stacks up against other companies (2).

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(2) 7 Secrets to using LinkedIn for business marketing

Sheila Kloefkorn

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