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4 Blogging Tactics That Deliver Traffic

For a blogger, traffic is everything. If the blog is not attracting readers, then there is little chance of drawing prospects to the products page. However, pulling traffic remains a challenge for many bloggers as there are usually hundreds of other bloggers competing for your audience’s attention. How do some blogs attract month? Here are some methods.

Great content

Creating great content is the first step. But not just any content; it must be focused, targeted and valuable content. A blog has to stand out from the competition and offer more value to the reader. . Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts recommend blog posts are at least 500 words. It is your responsibility to make sure those 500 words are valuable and useful for your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

According to a study by, 75% of web searchers never scroll past the first page of search results. Therefore it is to your advantage to optimize all of your blog posts for search engines. As we noted above, optimizing a blog for search engines starts by having engaging content. Google’s algorithm studies bounce rates, time-on-page and number of page views to determine the quality of the page. When the blog is engaging, readers stay engaged longer, and Google may rank the page more highly because of that stickiness. Sound keyword research and application of those keywords also gets a higher page ranking for a blog.optimize the blog page for mobile devices. Google recently implemented a “mobile first” policy; they put a higher rank on pages designed for viewing on a mobile device. Finally, don’t limit keywords to just the title and description. Insert keywords into every item on the page from the copy to the alt tags on images.


Social media has become one of the larger sources of traffic for bloggers because a blog post can attract hundreds of visitors if it goes viral on social media. While this may not happen as often as we would like, the more a blogger shares posts, the more likely they will be to draw interest and build an audience. Pulling traffic from social media is relatively easy if a blog has engaging content.

A blogger needs to be on all social networks their audience is on and grow that audience on those networks. Targeting an audience on LinkedIn, for example, would involve joining groups dedicated to the blog’s area of interest. Any posts on your website should be posted (or referred to) in social media to ensure readers from the networks find it.

Influencer marketing

Using influencers to help build your blog almost guarantees an increase in blog traffic. You can ask an industry influencer to provide a quote for the post, or you can interview them. This exhange will compel the influencer to announce the post to their followers, which will drive traffic to your blog. While persuading an influencer to do a guest post may seem

Building traffic for your blog takes time. By applying the techniques listed above, you can shorten the time it takes to draw a large number of visitors to your blog. If you would like to build traffic to your blog, we can help. Talk to one of our experts to learn more. Contact KEO Marketing




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