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3 online marketing strategies for stronger conversion rates

Increasingly, B2B buyers are going through the entire sales lifecycle via digital channels, calling attention to the need for stronger online marketing. However, this can be easier said than done, especially when many organizations still have success with offline conversions. The key in improving online conversion rates is understanding how buyers interact with a company's website.

There are numerous variables on a company's website that can influence whether a customer takes a specific action. At the same time, there may be other influential factors that may not be visible from the business's perspective. Here are three ways that B2B organizations can improve conversion rates on their websites:

1. Capture the voice of the buyer
Getting feedback from buyers and website visitors can help expose any issues that preclude them from responding to calls to action or offers. One route that some companies have taken is to have an exit popup box appear when a buyer leaves a page, especially if the person is close to completing a transaction (1). This functions as a way to collect feedback at one of the most critical moments of the sales cycle. Asking why the buyer is abandoning a purchase can help clarify any technical or user experience-related issues that may throw a road block in the way. One organization learned that the "continue to payment" button didn't work properly for iPad users, who composed 4,000 of the site's visitors every month.

2. Regularly adjust calls to action
The language that companies use in their calls to action can have a profound effect on the actions users take. Even changing a button from "learn more" to "help me choose" can create a more interactive experience for potential buyers (2). However, it's not always guaranteed website visitors will respond to a CTA in the same way, so companies should continually A/B test them to ensure they're as effective as possible throughout a campaign or during different iterations of a campaign.

3. Pay attention to visual elements beyond photos
Commonly overlooked, fonts and color schemes can play a big role in motivating buyers to remain on page or bounce. Although users can usually adjust the font on their browser manually, many people won't ever do that. As a result, the font they encounter on the screen can influence their decision to keep reading. For instance, fonts with feet, such as Courier and Times New Roman, and those that are too small tend to make users' eyes tire quickly. Accordingly, other simple text styles that are easily read can keep website visitors engaged for a longer time.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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