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3 Innovations Coming to HubSpot

HubSpot is the most powerful marketing, sales, and CRM software that features an assortment of tools working together. You can manage and track all efforts along your funnel, through conversion, and post-sale. What makes HubSpot so powerful is its dedication to continual improvement and innovation.

Here are 3 innovations coming to HubSpot that could be game changers.

Enhance Growth Stack with Sales and Customer Hubs

Since inception, HubSpot has focused on the end-to-end customer experience. To enhance that experience, HubSpot is targeting both sales managers and customers with these new and improved products:

Sales Hub. The new and improved Sales Hub allows sales management to manage their teams, secure sales data, and report on team activities. This improvement moves HubSpot into enterprise-level functionality.

  • Customer Hub. HubSpot is adding tools to help you engage and delight the customers you’ve won for retention. Specifically, Customer Hub will:
    • Use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and any automated customer feedback to track customer happiness.
    • Offer sentiment analysis and churn forecasting to help you show and respond to issues.
    • Automate capturing customer testimonials.
    • Offer a knowledge center for customer self-help.

Messaging and chatbots

Facebook has 1.2 billion users that send around a billion messages between people and businesses every month. HubSpot understands how important messaging is for both customer service and marketing. Their digital platform now boasts Messages, a Live Chat tool part of their CRM which integrates with your website.

HubSpot is launching Conversations, a unified inbox that captures all messages across the different HubSpot hubs in a single dashboard. It captures Facebook Messenger, onsite chat, social media, email, and messaging platforms like Slack in one place. You can tie these messages to your CRM and have all of your interactions together no matter where they take place.

Finally, Conversations is scalable thanks to AI powered chatbots from And you don’t need to know how to code to build a chatbot with HubSpot.

Attribution for revenue

Marketers have long struggled to attribute revenue to individual campaigns and marketing activities. Now HubSpot is adding analytics and reporting for your campaigns that let you:

  • Compare your campaigns across time periods and across multiple campaigns.
  • List and export contacts received from a campaign by first or last touch.
  • See how touches influence a campaign through blog post views, social clicks, email opens, and more.
  • Attribute revenue through multi-touch attribution.

All of this information is critical to understand how campaigns affect revenues and which campaigns are most profitable.

Final thoughts

For busy marketing professionals and business owners, these features and changes are innovative responses to digital marketing trends and HubSpot’s continued dedication to refinements that improve your marketing, sales, and customer efforts.

Emina Karic

Emina Karic has experience in researching new leads and trends, social media outreach, as well as assisting the marketing department in any way seen fit. She had previously interned for a marketing firm that specializes in nonprofit and political clients before becoming a part of our agency. As the Marketing Coordinator, she compiles research on leads to target and is responsible for social media outreach via LinkedIn. She prides herself on her hard work and her ability to obtain information quickly and effectively. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies from Arizona State University.