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3 content marketing blunders to avoid

For many B2B organizations, content marketing has a high level of value for lead generation and nurturing. Long lists of buyers seek out product and service information using the Internet as a primary research tool. During the discovery phase through the steps toward decision-making, B2B purchasers depend on thought leadership and informational content to help them make well-reasoned decisions. Not all businesses understand these important characteristics of content marketing and make numerous mistakes.

  1. Limited horizons
    Even some of the most successful organizations stumble with creating great content by limiting themselves in scope. Adobe not only added to its B2B services but also developed a far-reaching content marketing campaign that saw employees blogging from international conferences (1).
  2. Taking an eye off quality
    There's a common objective in lead generation to leverage speed to the greatest extent possible. While companies shouldn't sit on content for weeks on end primarily for SEO purposes, they shouldn't populate social media channels and their blogs with half-baked ideas either. B2B buyers can detect fluff within the first few sentences.
  3. Company-centric content
    Especially among younger B2B buyer demographics, heavily branded content doesn't perform as well as articles or videos that don't explicitly advertise a company's strengths (2). Instead, focus the content on the topic or context and let the quality build a stronger brand.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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