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Standing Out from the Crowd with Viral Content

Consumers have a lot of content to choose from, so standing out from the crowd is important if you want prospects and customers to see your business’s marketing message.

The solution is to go viral. However, getting your content to go viral is tough. The following is some advice from content marketing pros on what will make content go viral.

You tell an emotional story 

According to Megan Conley of HubSpot, the format of the content does not matter. What you need to focus on is the story. The tale you tell with your content should evoke some emotion. She asks “Does the story make you feel enraged, inspired, understood?” She recommends looking at your browsing habits before you create any content. If you see something that makes you feel a certain way, aim to do the same in your work.

Some great examples of emotion-evoking content from companies include this State Farm commercial and Audi’s #DriveProgress commercial called, “Daughter.” The first one is about a man’s desire to help the world, and the second is about a father-daughter relationship as well as the underlying issue of equality for women.

You are relatable 

Along with striking an emotional chord, Nadya Khoja, Director of Marketing at Venngage, stresses that content should resonate with people. She notes that when you create content, you should ask yourself why users would share it as well.

For some examples of highly sharable content that assists people in expressing their thoughts and feelings, take a look at Kristina Kuzmic’s mom series. In it, she talks about all those things moms are going through but might not discuss. If you can come up with an angle that is relatable but has not been decided, create content about it.

You utilize social technologies 

Eric Peters, a growth marketer at HubSpot Academy, points out that content must be emotional. However, you also have to couple your content with social technologies and measurements. You can look at engagement, map it over time, and then create content that will be more likely to receive impressions and views.

Some tools for measuring engagement on content include HubSpot, Kissmetrics, and Cyfe. You can even use these platforms to track the ROI of these views. For example, you can see if someone who watched your video and commented on it went to your website and bought something. You will know how to optimize your content for the next time around with these helpful tools.

Going viral affects your bottom line 

You should not aspire to go viral just for the sake of going viral. Instead, think about how millions of views on your video, visits to your blog post, or shares on social media is going to increase your sales. Create a content marketing strategy for leveraging these impressions and engagements and converting potential customers. Then, your viral content will truly be worth something.

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