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How to Use Live Streaming to Build B2B Business

As online marketing becomes more competitive, B2B marketers are always looking for new methods to promote their products and businesses. Live video streaming is a rapidly growing channel in the market and is already proving to be a powerful social tool. Smart B2B marketers are already using live streaming in innovative ways to grow their businesses.

Here are seven ways to use live streaming for your business:

Perform Live Product Demonstrations

Demonstrate how to use your product and its features with live streaming. When you launch a new product, set up a live product demo and share the details with your audience. Showcase product features that your target audience will be most interested in. The beauty of live streaming is that you can broadcast an interactive product demonstration as well as answer pertinent questions from viewers during the demo.

Share Industry News

Live streaming is a good way to break news to your online community before anyone has a chance to write about it. Publishing a blog post on an industry innovation could take hours. With live streaming you can notify your followers and then deliver a live talk about marketplace trends or innovations. You can then use the questions that arise from your conversation with viewers to write a blog post or produce a training video. Sharing relevant news is a great way to position yourself as a go-to person in your industry, which sets you apart from your competition and gives you perceived authority.

Connect With Influencers

Influencer marketing is an important part of any B2B marketing plan. Live streaming is a great way to connect with influencers in your industry. How? Attend their broadcasts regularly, make insightful comments, ask intelligent questions and share their broadcasts to your social channels.

As you deepen the relationship with the influencer, invite him/her to be a guest on your live-stream video. Make sure both you and the influencer promotes the date and time of the live stream in order to draw the maximum quantity of viewers.

Deliver Product Support

Use live streaming to answer product support questions and/or demonstrate methods to use your product more effectively. Many product support centers are asked the same question repeatedly and sometimes the answer is hard to visualize. By demonstrating techniques live, you are saving time for the phone support team. Use the “autosave” function of live streaming to create an archived demonstration that clients can view later.

Take viewers behind the scenes

Studies have shown that many online customers want to know more about your company than just the standard products and services. Live streaming can be part of your branding strategy to connect with viewers on a personal level and take them behind the scenes of your business. Showing the actual people in their various departments (including sales and support) can go a long way toward humanizing your business. This will cause current clients to have stronger feelings of loyalty as well as give prospects more confidence in your value proposition.

Build Your Mailing List

Live streaming can be an opportunity to build your mailing list. During your broadcast many audience members would probably like to stay in touch to learn about your latest innovations. Therefore, ask viewers to leave their email addresses in the comments to sign up for the company newsletter. You can enter the addresses into your database at a later date. Even though this may create a little extra work for you, the signup process removes a barrier for viewers to join your mailing list.

Provide Content for Other Channels

You can repurpose live stream broadcasts to provide content for your other social channels. Videos of new product demonstrations can also be archived and posted to your website for later consumption by the target audience.

If you want to save your videos, look for an “autosave” feature in the live stream app. Record the live stream as it is being broadcast and then save it for later use. For best results, have content categories already planned so that the live streaming can be saved and placed in the appropriate website page with a minimum of delay or confusion.

Live video streaming can be a powerful marketing strategy for positioning yourself as a leader in the industry.

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