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Beware these 3 automated B2B email marketing mistakes

Email marketing is one of the most popular B2B advertising tactics. Most companies begin an online campaign by creating a list of recipients and distributing educational and promotional material straight to their inboxes.

New tools have allowed B2B companies to automate their email marketing routines. This makes the process simpler and more efficient, but businesses should be wary of becoming stuck in repetitive patterns. Here are three pieces of advice to keep your email marketing messages fresh and engaging:

1. Don't send email marketing materials to the wrong people
You can collect a list of interested contacts from numerous sources. Your company can offer email sign-ups at live events, on social media pages or mobile marketing ads. An online web design should clearly indicate opportunities for users to learn more through digital mail.

The ability to cancel communications should be just as easy. Companies that hide cancelation buttons or make it difficult to end messaging appear dishonest; transparency is always a best practice. said you should offer different opt-out options (1). You can ask if they would like a reduced frequency and request feedback on why they want the change.

2. Don't be repetitive with your content marketing
The best way to avoid people leaving your email marketing campaign is to provide them with fresh information in every message. The details presented in emails should be helpful, educational and exciting. An automated email message should never be the same product and service descriptions delivered over and over.

Business 2 Community recommended using seasonal content marketing (2). In the fall, for example, you could send messages based around companies preparing for end​-of-the-year financial practices or content that is influenced by holidays. Emails could focus on green services during Earth Day or cutting travel expenses around Thanksgiving.

3. Don't ignore data in your online advertising campaigns
You should create content unique to recipients. This might seem counterintuitive to automated email marketing practices, but Forbes suggested segmenting your recipient list to create targeted materials (3). You can divide email contacts by type of business, financial information, location or any other metrics helpful to your industry.

Email materials should be part of an online integrated marketing approach, and each channel can inform the others. Tracking the online activities of specific audiences gives you insight into what they look for in an inbound marketing journey. Once you know what your customers want, you can deliver groups the detailed information they need in your email marketing content.

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