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5 Proven Methods to Improve your Email Opening Rates

With a return rate of $41 for every dollar spent, email marketing remains one of the digital marketing methods that has the highest return on investment. However, this success depends on opening rates, the number of people from a targeted email marketing campaign opening emails. A business can improve its email marketing campaign response rates by observing a few tips to improve email opening rates.

Attention grabbing subject line

A subject line must grab the attention of the reader to stand out from the rest of the marketing emails that routinely fill the reader’s inbox. A unique subject line is also less likely to get filtered by spam filters. Some of the methodsname in the subject line also improves the open rate due to recipient curiosity.

Good content

Having good content in your emails improves the chances of people reading your other emails. Do not be tempted to Enrich the content by adding value such as an invitation to a free webinar, a free ebook or a link to another valuable blog post. Improve engagement by having a call to action in the body of the email.

Customer segmentation

According to MailChimp, segmented emails are 13.1% more likely to be opened than those that are not segmented. Having a segmented email list makes it easier to target your customers. There are several ways of segmenting:

  • Behavior: What interests the reader, what do they buy, what do they click on most?
  • Demographics: What industry does the reader serve, what cities, etc.
  • Job Function: What job description contains your best customers?
  • Device: Is the reader accessing email on a tablet, mobile or desktop?

Resend unopened emails

Readers are more likely to open an email if it is sent to them more than once. A study by email marketing experts Neal Taparia and Noah Kagan found that re-sending the unopened email exactly as before increased its opening by 54.4%. Modifying the subject line improved its chances an additional 30%.

Experiment with different delivery times

Studies by MailChimp and Experian have shown that open rates improve for emails sent later in the day. Sending an email while the reader is looking at the inbox improves its opening rate. Experiment with different delivery times for different customers.

Having a productive email marketing campaign is an advantage for all businesses. If you would like to build a strong email program, we can help. Talk to one of our email marketing experts to learn more. Contact KEO Marketing or call us at 888-702-0679.



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