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Will Twitter dominate online marketing?

Twitter continues to evolve it's position in online marketing. The real-time social media platform has always been a smart channel for B2B marketing, but lately it's started to expand its reach even more. Expanded analytics and video capabilities are just a few of the innovations Twitter has recently unveiled.

More analytics
Twitter has started playing around with analytics for individual tweets (1). While you can currently see a broader analytics view at the Twitter analytics dashboard, the new feature would provide a snapshot of individual tweet performance. The feature allows you to quickly see total views, engagement, as well as video views and engagement for relevant tweets. The analytics would allow marketers to more quickly determine how individual tweets are performing, which could help them hone their strategy on the social media platform more thoroughly. When it comes to analytics, more information is always better.

But this isn't the only change Twitter is playing around with. The platform also announced that users have the ability to upload videos to Twitter and embed them on their sites.

Embedded video
Perhaps because Facebook recently overtook YouTube as the place to upload videos, Twitter is trying to get an edge on this success. Late last year, Social Bakers published a report that found more people are uploading videos directly to Facebook instead of YouTube (2). This could mark a turning point in online video sharing. With it's new move, Twitter may be following suit.

While you've long been able to share videos on Twitter, you can now upload them directly to the platform (3). On top of that, you can embed the video directly to your website and it will remain hosted on Twitter. What does this move mean for the future of video marketing? It remains unclear.

As more social platforms enter the mix, Twitter remains a website to watch, as it is continually innovating. Twitter currently has 288 million monthly active users, according to statistics from the platform, and these users send 500 million tweets each day (4).

The site is starting to become more and more like Facebook, as it moves towards being a marketing hub. Twitter is a must-have channel for B2B marketing and this is likely to continue to be true in the future.

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