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Why testing matters in B2B marketing

B2B marketing requires a powerful and effective message in order to successfully draw in buyers. However, it is often the small details of the message that get businesses' attention. As a consequence, testing landing pages and other marketing material for effective reactions in the market is always a necessity. It's the most effective manner of determining client behavior and preferences, creating a baseline from which to establish a professional relationship (1). From this, companies can develop a higher level of retention and loyalty among purchasers.

Of course, in order to effectively test for success, marketers need to identify what is affecting visitor actions, often in the form of an A/B test. After performance should come specific metrics that determine a level of success and understanding of how a person would view the landing page. After determining what works, it should be used as proof of what can attract the target audience's attention (2). Prior history and experience can also help. More importantly, if a test can be done with a small group of people, it minimizes the impact of errors while getting a better sense of what is most effective with potential clients. After working out the bugs, a skilled marketer can then release the end product to a wider audience and draw in more buyers while knowing exactly why they're coming.

1. The ABCs Of A/B Testing

2. Five Things Digital Marketers Can Learn From Software Developers

Sheila Kloefkorn

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