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What type of B2B content marketing material hits the mark?

B2B marketers should have a variety of goals for content marketing materials. Companies generate content to provide information for potential customers, appeal to certain audiences and improve search engine optimization.

A recent report compiled by SCORE, a business mentoring service, listed the success rates of different types of B2B marketing materials (1). White papers were found to be the most effective. Forty-nine percent of B2B buyers stated they took a company's white papers into account when making a decision. Product brochures and data sheets were second at 46 percent, and case studies and customer stories were third with a 36 percent influence rate.

The report found B2B marketers that made blogging a top priority were 13 times more likely to have a successful content marketing campaign. Blogs generated 97 percent more links to the company's website. Business 2 Community said inbound marketing links are essential in B2B blog creation (2).

Companies should also create blogs with a variety of different materials. Written descriptions of company products and customer success stories are great, but the blog should also have visually engaging material like pictures and videos. SCORE concluded visually appealing content is more likely to be shared by B2B buyers on social media.

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