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The Internet of Things provides integrated marketing channels and data sources

What does a connected world mean to a B2B marketing team? Marketing is all about finding potential clients and delivering the proper promotional and educational materials in the right context. The Internet of Things (IOT) provides companies with even more opportunities to collect information on audiences, as well as channels for digital integrated marketing.

Audience information
IoT means that more business tools and consumer products are able to connect online. B2B Marketing, an advertising information resource for companies, said one of the primary advantages IoT features hold for organizations is an increased number of audience touch points (1).

In recent years, businesses have tracked potential consumers as they interact with websites, social media and other digital platforms. IoT means businesses have the ability to add even more channels to their audience analytics reports to get a complete picture of which consumer segments respond positively to email marketing or other content.

It’s not just a matter of quantity, but quality. IoT features not only makes online connection more ubiquitous, but the data gathered is more specialized. For example, B2B companies can look at the insights provided by mobile marketing. Smartphones are able to communicate location or how business professionals interact with materials outside of office hours. The more convenient content marketing is, the better possible insight into personal preferences.

Data about current clients

Knowing what converted current clients is great for B2B lead nurturing. Many marketing teams collect information on their company’s customers through interviews, surveys or the like. IoT may help organizations gain insight on the data clients are less forthcoming with.

The B2B News Network suggested many companies may sell products that connect to online information gathering sources or will use IoT tools to track delivery and use (2). Data captured directly from clients as they utilize merchandise demonstrates satisfaction or problems with business offerings.

Connected products or delivery tactics help organizations provide better service for consumers. Any steps taken to improve customer satisfaction increase chances for referral or may serve as content for promotional materials.

Content display

A charity organization used a poster that changed based on who was looking at it to capture the attention of passersby, according to Fast Company (3). A woman’s nonprofit group commissioned a public ad that decreased the severity of domestic abuse injuries as more people faced the ad. The connected promotional material demonstrated how attention was the only way to solve this difficult problem.

This is one example of using connected intelligent advertising to improve the effectiveness of content. B2B companies should look for ways to attract consumers with materials that use IoT functions to deliver real-time problem and solution demonstrations.

A company could use scanner and beacon technology at live events to stand out in the crowd, but there are similar tactics organizations can use online. Programmatic ad buying allows companies to display specific ads for certain targets. For example, B2B marketing teams can save mobile advertising videos for business professionals with a history of watching and responding to such materials.

Data analysis

An interactive marketing agency can help a B2B company keep up with current trends. Whether it’s programmatic buying or digital displays that respond to audience interactions, a business can’t be left behind when it comes to possible marketing tactics.

Business 2 Community warned organizations about audience exhaustion with content marketing (4). Most industries are so flooded with promotional materials it takes something really exciting or personalized to capture attention and facilitate B2B lead generation.

Working with a B2B marketing agency can help companies gather data from multiple digital channels and add even more strategies for information collection and utilization.

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